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At least this time the dream was not about losing Spooky. Instead, it was about Ossana.

In the dream, we were at home and Ossana was in heat. Although she has never actually done this, in the dream she ran out when I opened the door. It was night and she was able to disappear quickly into the shadows. I followed and called to her but she didn't wait for me. About a half a block away, I heard the yowling of tomcats. I thought I also heard Ossana's calling from the same direction, so I followed the noise. I eventually found her in the front yard looking way, way too calm for a cat in heat. Pregnant.
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This is getting weird. I had the same dream for the third time. I was in a building with many floors. It was a large government/university-ish kind of building/complex. I knew that my cats Spooky and Sithreal were somewhere in the building, but I couldn't find them. Whatever this building is, it's not pretty - just functional and lifeless. The corridors and floors of the building seem to shift at times, making it harder to find anything. It's some kind of transition place - there's something temporary about it. There were elevators but they didn't take me to the right floor.


In happier news, Steven Chu has been named the next Secretary of Energy. A Nobel prizewinner. Sounds good so far.


In even happier news, according to [livejournal.com profile] sir_alf, this is squirrel appreciation day.
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Another weird dream about losing my cat Spooky. The first one was here.

This time for some reason I took her to "school" with me (it looked like maybe a university setting or something). The idea was that she would roam the classroom and I'd get her after class. I vaguely wondered about litter box logistics, but figured it was only for an hour so it would be ok. Then I forgot her there and when I looked, couldn't find her. Later I went to the animal shelter to see if she was there. At the desk, there was a young guy who didn't speak English very well. I tried to ask him if I could go and see the cats to check if Spooky was there, but he wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise. Another guy came up to us and explained that guy #1 had a disorder that made it impossible for him to answer questions. Then guy #2 proceeded to take guy #1 to comfort him from the trauma of me trying to ask him questions. Meanwhile, I still hadn't been able to go back to see the cats to see if Spooky was there. I started loudly trying to explain what I wanted to do, to the point where I actually said something in my sleep and promptly woke up. I was very glad it was just a dream.

Then later I dreamed I was perched on a little shelf on the side of a small cliff-like structure at the seashore. High tide was quickly coming in, so it was imperative that I get off the shelf and up on to the beach. I noticed there were a lot of ice floes stuck to the cliff, which for some reason provided excellent handholds in the dream (they weren't slippery or cold). So I was almost up on the beach, when a polar bear came up to me. I think I woke up at that point.
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Unlike most nights, last night I had a dream I remembered. Instead of walking, I was bounding weightlessly forward in great, slow motion arcs, and I was Singing. It was beautiful, clear singing, the like of which I couldn't hope to reproduce while awake. The surroundings were not memorable, but the song was pure joy. Some of the high notes I reached don't even exist here I don't think, and could possibly rearrange atoms or Make Things. It reminded me of infinite fractals whose outer edges become tinier and more detailed, and each tiny offshoot of the fractal retains the shape of the whole (sort of like a hologram only different). At one point, I decided, why touch the ground at all... and elevated into flight. A flying dream! I flew for a bit, and then the dream faded into something else.

I have flying dreams so seldom, but when it happens, wow. I've never had a singing dream before. I hope I have more of those...


Nov. 21st, 2006 11:53 am
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I just had an interesting vision. Cities as rings. In the center was an area designated as completely wild and untouchable. Outside of that was parkland that could be visited but not otherwise disturbed. Outside of that were edible forest gardens - miles and miles of them that anyone could care for and partake of. Then outside of that, right at the edge between the garden and the dwellings, were more gardens that needed a little more sun. Then finally, the outer ring was the city, and outside of that, the same sequence in reverse. Each Ring was far enough away from the next one to accommodate the sequence. The city was able to entirely support itself from the inside out, instead of importing from the outside in. It was no longer a parasite, but rather a steward and symbiote. The forest at the center was not owned by anyone. It was its own Being, at the center of which were the Old Trees and they were Left Alone. We were there with its permission, not the other way around...
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Last night I dreamed that my mother told me that dad was selling our houses and they and I were packing up and taking a plane to "California".

When I realized that they were going to take a plane rather than drive, because it would be "a forty-hour drive and we don't have time for that," I started screaming that I refuse to ever get on an airplane again in this lifetime. I also asked "what about [livejournal.com profile] rialian"? Where is [livejournal.com profile] aekiy going to live? But they said they'd have to find an alternative because, you see, we were going. I also asked about my job, but was told that none of that mattered. We were moving to California and that was that.

The whole prospect disturbed me much more than a deceased person trying to sell our houses.

California - I've always wished to somehow be a part of that hotbed of ideas where it all seems to start. I have also wished we would have some of that attitude here. But it also represents death - falling into the ocean. Secession from the union. The unknown. The jumping off point. California...
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The night was dark as my platoon moved silently along the beach, our submarine having anchored a short distance from the shore. Nothing was stirring, not a sound but the chirping of crickets. We melted into a nearby wood and took positions guarding one another's backs, weapons on the ready. Then I realized that some of the night noises didn't sound quite right... but before I could warn my buddies they were upon us, the enemy. They ambushed us and took us by surprise, and all were dead before they knew what hit them. I was mortally wounded, but one man of the enemy saw my face. I was young, perhaps about 17. He was not much older than that. Maybe he saw in me one of his school friends, or perhaps a younger brother. But instead of bayonetting me and killing me, he approached me. By this time I was viewing this from a vantage point somewhere a few feet above, for I was fast fading. I heard him say, as I was fading toward a place where the War was a distant memory, "I am indebted to you, for because your life ended, mine can continue". The next thing I knew, I woke up in a crib. I didn't call him "Daddy" until a few years later...
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In which I join the ranks of people who have had zombie dreams this year:

I dreamed I was in the midst of a zombie infestation, and a zombie woman reached over and bit my hand - I was hoping she didn't break the skin, but oh well, she did (a little). It was a very small cut, so the infection didn't spread rapidly, but eventually it overtook all the "normal" areas. I went home and [livejournal.com profile] rialian was there with a cigarette asking if he could smoke in the house because his father was too old to go out and smoke, and they wanted to smoke in the den (his dad is not old and doesn't smoke and I don't have a den). I surmised by this that [livejournal.com profile] rialian had been bitten too, because he normally doesn't smoke, so surely that was a sign of being a zombie.

The scene then morphed over to me being a jockey in a horserace. I have no idea where this came from since I am neither an avid fan of zombies nor horseracing, and I weigh too much to be a jockey (I'm not sure where I'm remembering this from, but I think 115-pounders and smaller are preferred). In the dream, I wondered how I happened to be a jockey, since I had no clue how to ride any horse, let alone a racehorse. Weird.


Apr. 28th, 2004 08:24 am
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Last night I dreamed nobody was allowed to draw. There were exceptions if it was absolutely necessary, but in that case there was to be no shading or depth - it had to be 2-dimensional. I saw a couple of drawings where the shading had been erased and they were smudged and ruined.

That has to be one of the worst nightmares I've ever had, if not the worst.
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This morning I was dreaming of ships at sea coming into port. In the dream, it was foggy, so a foghorn was sounding in the distance as the ships approached. Then the dream faded, and I gradually awoke. But... the Foghorn was still there! Considering its source, I believe it will continue to go off with increasing frequency and amplitude for at least a week, whereupon with luck it may subside, should we live so long. We're currently broke and can't take future preventive measures for at least a week anyway. Therefore, pity me with great heaps of pity (in between the collective peals of laughter).
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In the dream, [livejournal.com profile] rialian was planning a trip. He was going on a long-awaited journey to the Arctic Circle, whereupon he would trek across the tundra in snowshoes. Apparently, there had been plans to do this for years (in the dream, that is). There was a spiritual significance to the journey which had to be experienced in a cold climate. He would be back, but for some reason it was important that he go. Preparations were underway. I advised him to be sure and take all his socks with him.

In the dream there were two Gemaliels. I tried to separate them but they figured out how to open the door and pounced one another. Then they seemed to get along and started playing with each other.
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I am in my mom's room at my parents' house. Only it's my room. Suddenly I hear outside, some wild singing, sort of like wild elves in the woods. I peek out the window and see a Company dressed in white (or shining brightly in the darkness). Only "across the street" is my street, not my mom's, and the creek is over there. Then I begin to see details of the company, and they're not elves, as I had supposed, but some sort of family picnic christian impromptu gathering of some sort, only they're singing like wild elves in the woods. They're making a lot of noise, and it's late, so presently the cops come (I can hear sirens in the distance). The "christians" or whatever they were, quickly pack up their picnic baskets and kids, say "let's high-tail it outa here", and vanish into their cars and drive off before the cops get there.

I speculated on what they were after I woke up. I hoped they weren't bean sidhe (their wild singing reminded me of that). They weren't elves, though I thought they were at first. Maybe they were Rosicrucians (my mom was interested in them in her youth). Nah. They were too ... prosaic. Picnic baskets, kids and all. Maybe they were baptists. A flash mob of baptists. That must be it.

But that singing... it was very eerie...


Jun. 30th, 2003 07:51 am
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I was in a big meeting hall, in which hundreds of people were gathered - it was one of those buildings that seemed to be able to contain more than its size would indicate. Some people started talking (apparently out of the blue) about how "Jesus didn't allow smoking". I explained to them that I'd read the bible several times, and that nowhere in the bible was there any indication that the smoking of any herb was prohibited by either Judaic or Christian law. In fact, I gave them quite a discourse on it and admonished them to read the King James Version and see. I continued that Jesus was concerned with the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law, and that the intent of this gathering was in agreement with the spirit of "Blessed are the peacemakers" and "Love thy neighbor" (the most important law of the New Testament). Having said that, I looked up and Orren Whiddon (the owner of Four Quarters Farm) pulled out the same tobacco hookah that someone had brought to WtT, and started passing around a peace pipe full of "Longbottom Leaf". Everyone who wanted to partook, including the guy I'd been talking to, who had a change of heart. So essentially I got to participate in the smoking of a peace pipe full of Frodo's Finest last night. What a wonderful dream! I can't remember if I actually had any - I don't think so - that would make sense, as I don't smoke, actually). I got distracted by Dorothy, an older lady (70+) who I talk to every morning when she walks her dog in real life -- she was eating chocolate and vanilla ice cream. She thought it was just vanilla at first, but I showed her the chocolate part. The feeling was that she'd wandered quite far from where she usually goes and was enjoying the ice cream greatly... I was left with a really good feeling after this dream, as opposed to the troubled feel of problems left unsolved after dreams that I don't remember at all. This is very strange - the fact that I even remembered it. I thought I'd best write it down before it escaped me...

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