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This music mightily tugged on my heartstrings...

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A new album by [livejournal.com profile] s00j is available here. Interesting mix of humor, faerie, and paganism. I particularly liked The Mushroom Song. Creature of the Wood, The Dryad's Promise, and Tam Lin were other favorites.

They changed the Tam Lin poem just a tad to make a song of it (or maybe it's a different version - there are many versions of that poem). In this version, Janet doesn't try to take the scathing herb. Instead, she goes to the forest to find Tam Lin, and when he's not there she falls in despair. Tam Lin appears just in time to catch her. Also, Tam Lin skips the molten iron phase of his comeback, and becomes a naked knight right after changing into a raging beast. Other than that, it's the Tam Lin I'm familiar with.

[livejournal.com profile] rialian liked those too, but he especially liked all the schmaltzy fae humor music, especially Alligator in the House and Ballad of the Boy Cat.
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By way of [livejournal.com profile] hummingwolf:

"If you have thought about possibly getting a Tarot reading done, now is the time! [livejournal.com profile] nalidoll is currently doing Tarot readings for tips. As she puts it here,

"Right now, I am very much wanting/needing to do as many Readings as I can. I have a chance to finally get a place of my own, and I need to raise the funds to get this Feat of Independence accomplished (it has been years in the making)....

For those not familiar with me or my readings, I have been reading Tarot Cards, specifically, for over 20 years. I also read a little of everything else, but Tarot remains my favorite, I think. I am currently using, mostly, the Housewives Tarot. It makes me smile, and that is always a good thing in my book.

Questions about any of this are always welcomed, and answered as promptly as I am able.

Right now, this is open to everyone, so feel free to pass it along, should you know of anyone who might be interested.

See Nalidoll's Tarot Readings post for more information."
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Happy Magic day!

Photograph © Benjamin Pfeiffer
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I hadn't known this was happening: A ritual to animate the spirit of democracy, involving Pagans from all over the country. It took place at the Jefferson memorial.

I watched the first video at the link above. I particularly liked Caroline Casey (who reminded me a bit of [livejournal.com profile] foxgrrl age-progressed about 30 years). I agree with a lot of what she had to say about being a practical mystic. "I reject any religion that fails to improve the life of your cat or dog." She wore an outlandish Hat. Not as good as Aretha's Hat, but close. A fierce looking African-American woman spoke in the delightfully rabble-rousing style of a Southern Baptist preacher (which worked surprisingly well for progressive messages). I recognized a lot of faces from when I used to attend events organized by the more active local Pagans. Some parts of the ritual were a bit dissonant with me, as is always the case when a large, inclusive ritual occurs, but for the most part I'm glad it happened. Orion was there and gave a short blessing.
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A Magical Education by John Michael Greer.

It's a rather long article, but it was interesting to find out that I already have all the knowledge he recommends to support a magical education. All the tools are in place. All that has to happen is the daily practice part. That's the killer. Having a guitar in your house does not make you into a musician... Here's an excerpt:

"A lot of people who want to study and practice magic these days come out of countercultures that rebel against our society's rigid timetables and routines, and the thought of buckling down to half an hour of magical practice a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, sounds way too much like the sort of class schedule or work schedule most of us would like to see Cthulhu rise from the deeps and drag away in his tentacles forever. So would-be mages often try to avoid regular practice. They try to be spontaneous, to do magic when the spirit moves them. It's a great idea, in theory. The only problem is that I've yet to meet a really competent magician who trained that way."

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