Dec. 19th, 2009

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BIG SNOW!!! The biggest we've had since February 2003.
helen99: A windswept tree against a starlit sky (Default)
Hee Hee! !!

It's the great great great grandchild of my A10 - somewhere between 'the latest' and 'obsolete' point and shoot camera with some relatively intuitive manual controls, which is what I wanted. It's pretty much the same camera as the A10, only it has more features, better resolution, and doesn't have the compatibility issues.

Here are some huge (~4 meg) photos to illustrate its closeup capability. This camera takes closeups comparable to the A10.


Amy Brown statue -- I realized why I don't like the Amy Brown statue, even though I love the concept. It's because the painting details are not well-done. I didn't realize that till I saw this picture. Click the picture and view it at full size to see what I mean (part of eyebrow missing, ear smudged, lips painted outside the lip line, etc.)

Arwen action doll closeup -- Again, click the picture to see why this doll is beautiful in concept only...

A10: Aska Cy-Girl Action Doll -- this action doll is my favorite picture taken with the A10 and is also my favorite action doll - her features are wonderfully detailed and not excessively made up looking. More info here about Aska.

Here's a more reasonably sized (400K) picture of the snow outside now:

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