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I finally finished the front of the chest of drawers/huge cabinet that I'm refinishing. This doesn't sound like much, but I only have weekends to work on it (some of which have been otherwise occupied), and each square foot of surface area takes hours to complete, because I want to achieve that silky polished wood feel over the entire surface. The areas I've finished look good, or so I've been told. More importantly to me, though, when I run fingers over the surface, it feels like silk. I'm now working on the top, the two front legs, and the left side. The right side and back legs are against walls, so the cabinet will have to be moved before I can complete them. I think the back of the cabinet may be unfinished, which would be great, but I don't remember (it's been about 6 months since it was placed against the wall where it is).

Moving it to finish the rest of it and repair the broken back leg will be difficult. It is extremely heavy. Still researching how to repair the leg, and gathering up the tools to do it.

Slowly inching along with this project. This has been much more difficult than the other, lighter-weight pieces I refinished earlier this year and last year.

It occurs to me that I'm now working on two projects that involve dust and fumes of varying toxicity (the other project is painting the Rockville house). I wear a face mask and goggles while working, but I'm sure some of it gets through. Most of the people I know who refinish furniture or paint houses on a regular basis are a little strange. I'm not sure if that's because strange people are attracted to these lines of work, or they became strange from breathing sawdust, paint dust, and fumes. Maybe a little of both. I hope that does not happen to me. I don't want to become a strange little old lady with a fume-pickled brain who spends most of the time reanimating relics from the era of bad paint jobs.

Maybe after I'm finished with these two projects, I will take a break from indoor projects for a while.
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I went back to Mom's Organic Market parking lot to see if I could find out what tripped me. Right around the exact spot (at the base of some stairs leading to the second parking level), I noticed a shallow indentation in the pavement about a foot and a half around, barely visible unless you were looking for it. Not visible at all in twilight. I could see how a loose sandal could catch itself along the edge of the indentation. Someone carrying a heavy bag of dry catfood in the right hand walks into the indentation, and their left foot catches along the left edge of the indentation. This causes them to stumble, and the added weight of the catfood pitches them sideways. They and the catfood land on their left arm. Done. Not sure if a pair of closed shoes or boots would have prevented it. Possibly. Less likely to catch on the edge, but the added weight of the shoe may offset that benefit by lowering the foot so it catches.

I wanted to show Rialian the spot, but then a couple of cars came and parked right on top of it. That was when he noticed that there were indentations like that all over that parking lot, in every parking space (most of them were not as deep as the one I'd found, and a lot of them had been patched, though not very well). They're positioned exactly where car or truck fluids might leak onto the pavement (in tbe front and center of each parking spot). Could also be a result of truck weight, but the even spacing in *every* parking space indicates to me that it's more from chemical wear due to cars than truck weight. I've seen many parking lots that do not have this problem. I don't know if it's due to poor maintenance (probably) or failure to apply the proper foundation. Hard to say.

In any case, there was a lot of uneven pavement. This was actually welcome information, since now I don't feel quite as fragile.
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I figure one of these will be great for the initial stages of hand rehab...
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Does anyone know the custom CSS to display a background image in the "page background" section of the Transmogrified style? I'm guessing the CSS would have to specify the page section/container/position as well as the image (so the image didn't display in the 'entry' section and obscure the text, for example).

Eventually I'll switch to Core2 (Tabula Rasa?) when it's ready, at which point I'll want to know how to apply a background image (or different colors) to separate portions of the layout, and how to change the arrangement of the layout parts using CSS. Transmogrified is the practice style until that happens...
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Act III is here!


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