Aug. 14th, 2009

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The physical therapist said I was 'almost normal' at this point and only have to go hand therapy once a week now. It was weird. On the one hand it will be great not to have to go in as often. On the other hand I think I'll miss getting my hand pampered for a half an hour twice a week.

I've graduated the left hand to lifting three pounds now. I plan to wait on increasing the right hand's weight until the left hand catches up with it, so they'll both be even. That should take about another week.

The new weight routine is already starting to make a difference in the way I feel. I'd crept up a few pounds due to inactivity, which did not make me happy. Didn't take long to lose it again once I started getting serious with the weights, though. The left arm no longer looks like spaghetti. I'm pretty confident that at this stage, the weights, some tai-chi exercises, and calcium/magnesium/boron supplements will stabilize the system for a while.

Aw yeah.

Aug. 14th, 2009 12:12 pm
helen99: A windswept tree against a starlit sky (Default)
When I first saw this headline, I was horrified, thinking in terms of how erstwhile despot Ehrlich was selling off public lands: "Strapped Counties Snap Up Parkland"

Until I read the article.

Developers ran out of money, and the lands are going BACK to the parks!!! )

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