Aug. 9th, 2009

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A few weeks ago at Playa Del Fuego, a group of our friends had an experience. Apparently one of them was at the shower, when a spider began crawling in a trajectory that looked as if, barring any change in trajectory, it would end up ensconced upon his nether regions. Thus, the somewhat dubious term, "Junk Spiders," and the even less sanctioned phrase, "Always check your friends for Junk Spiders" came into being. This weekend some friends visited us, and lo, a spider began a trajectory similar to the original Junk Spider... and toward a similar destination (luckily, I was across the room so it wasn't headed for me). Now, the intended victim had never heard the phrase, "check for junk spiders"... He "Eeeped" quite loudly whereupon his wife offered to help. He said, "I don't think you want to help with this -- there was a spider headed for my junk! That was all I needed... I said,

"QUICK!! Everyone check him for junk spiders!"

So ok, maybe it was one of those moments when you sort of had to be there... It's just that... I didn't expect the Junk Spiders to follow us here!

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