Jul. 21st, 2009

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So the first insurance hurdle stemmed from the fact that my company has a Health Reimbursement Association deductible plan, meaning that there's a huge deductible that you have to apply for through a separate organization (not the insurance company proper). This is not a problem - all paperwork has been submitted. Other than the deductible, the whole hospital stay, ambulance, ER, nurses, etc. were covered 100%, and I expect full reimbursement of the deductible. So far so good.

The trauma surgeon was another story... I was assigned a great surgeon who did a good job (yay!) but he wasn't in my insurance PPO plan (Boo). I'd rather get a good one than a covered one, (both would have been good but I'm not unhappy with the result).

However, I am now responsible for about $1600 of the surgery bill, maybe a little more. I was told by the trauma surgeon's business office that I have a good chance at an appeal, since who I was assigned by the ER was not my choice.

So... the paperwork for the appeal is prepared and Explanations of Benefits for claims that I've received so far have been copied and attached. I'm still waiting on a few more statements before I send the appeal package to the insurance company. I have about a month to send it in, and they've been pretty prompt so far, so I expect all the statements by this week.

Meanwhile, the insurance company sent whatever they initially agreed to reimburse (not enough, hence the appeal), directly to me because the doctor is out of plan. I can't cash the checks to pay the doctor because that would indicate I accepted their terms. So, the doctor will have to wait for reimbursement, unfortunately (they're aware of that).

So the moral of this story is, give your trinkets to the faeries instead of to the insurance company.
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I never saw the movie but I read the script recently. From "Who Framed Roger Rabbit":

Doom: That's right my dear. Enough to dip Toontown off the face of the Earth! [The cover is removed to reveal a large machine.] A vehicle of my own design. 5000 Gallons of heated Dip, pumped at enormous velocity through a pressurized water cannon. Toontown will be erased in a matter of minutes.

Jessica: I suppose you think no one's going to notice Toontown's dissappeared?

Doom: Who's got time to wonder what happened to some ridiculous talking mice when you're driving past at 75 m.p.h.?

Jessica: What are you talking about? There's no road past Toontown.

Doom: Not yet! [Starts slipping on the eyes] Several months ago I had the good providence to stumble upon a plan of the city councils. A construction plan of epic proportions. They're calling it, a Freeway.

Valiant: A Freeway? What the hell's a freeway?

Doom: Eight lanes of shimmering cement running from here to Pasadena. Smooth, straight, fast. Traffic jams will be a thing of
the past.

Valiant: So that's why you killed Acme and Maroon? For this Freeway? You're kidding.

"Doom: Of course not. You lack vision. I see a place where people get off and on the Freeway. On and off. Off and on. All day, all night. Soon where Toontown once stood will be a string of gas stations. Inexpensive motels. Restaurants that serve rapidly prepared food. Tyre salons. Automobile dealerships. And wonderful, wonderful bill boards reaching as far as the eye can see... My god, It'll be beautiful.

Valiant: Come on. Nobody's gonna drive this lousy Freeway when they can take the red car for a nickel.

Doom: Oh, they'll drive. They'll have to. You see, I bought the red car so I could dismantle it."

I never knew how horribly close to home this movie was. Except for the fact that in real life, the good guys lost.

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