Jul. 2nd, 2009

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Two handed typing - Up to about 60 wpm now - not up to speed because I still have the split loosely in place to allow wrist to rest on wrist-shaped surface at all times.

Able to oppose index & middle finger to thumb now. (before could not oppose middle finger). Thumb opposing the ring and pinky, still working on - moving to the stress point but not beyond. Nice to know the average rat has better opposing ability than I do... Edit: I was able to oppose the ring finger today (July 3).

Ability to lift with left hand. Tested by lifting a coffee cup full of coffee so I could open door with right hand. Success - no pain, huzzah.

Discoloration and swelling - still there but fading.

Ability to bend fingers - still stiff - need PT

Ability to make fist - not good - need time, PT

Ability to grasp - fairly good, oddly enough. Need time, PT to get up to snuff.

Ability to move thumb to "thumbs up" position - not good, need PT and time - one of the bones that governs that was broken.

The future -- Not happy until I resolve a few things.

Usual line of treatment for people in my demographic - Biophosphonates. I was tested last year and told my bone density was low and was told to take a biophosphonate called Fosamax. Refused due to particularly gruesome side effects, and also due to the fact that my father experienced some of those side effects when he took it.

Would Fosamax have prevented this fracture? I don't know, but I doubt it. Not how I fell on it and given the tiny radius of my wrist. The new wrist now looks like a normal wrist. My right one looks like a small kid's wrist.

If it had broken while taking Fosamax, the Fosamax would have impeded healing. This is how it works: It prevents old bone re-absorption and new bone growth while it adds mineral substance to existing bone. Thus the bones become dense but brittle and non-regenerative. That would be rather bad in the current situation.

Alternative medicine route: http://www.algaecal.com
Real or quacks? Again, I don't know. People have reported good results.

Further uneasy questions: Why did I fall? Tripped? (that's how my brain parsed it at the time) All my life (from childhood) I've taken these weird spills occasionally. I'll be walking along and suddenly I'll fall. Does my foot catch on something? Does my ankle give out (many sprains as a kid)? A weird muscle/nerve glitch? Bad shoes? I never fell or sprained an ankle as long as I wore my high-top ren shoes, though. Maybe I'll go back to wearing those all the time for good weather and high-top boots in bad weather.

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