Apr. 11th, 2009

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Spent the better part of today using the import function at http://www.dreamwidth.org/misc/import.bml

The entries all imported successfully, as did the tags and the custom access groups.  However, the comments have not initiated after <strike>two</strike> four  hours.  The Info page at http://dw-news.dreamwidth.org/2826.html indicates that the number of people importing has increased to the point that it could take upward of 5 hours, though, so I will wait until tomorrow to look into it more.

Today was rather fun - We are taking it easy out in the woods this weekend.  Our creek, which had very little water all fall and winter, has suddenly begun going strong.  We've been putting little check dams all along the creek to allow the water to sink into the ground and collect more.  The theory is that this will assist in collecting the water into the ground, and encouraging the creek to flow longer during the year.  It is a seasonal creek right now, and we thought it would be great if it flowed year round across our property.  Here' are a couple of articles about check dams:

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I'm now at helen99.dreamwidth.org. Someone gave me an invite code. No invite codes came with the account, unfortunately So I can't give any out myself yet. I may be given some eventually. They're given out when the staff feels the need for more beta crew.

The best way to get on the beta crew is to get an openID account and be interesting. To do that, first log into livejournal (which you already are if you can see this) and go to http://www.dreamwidth.org. Don't try to sign up for an account (you can't w/o an invite code). Instead, click the "Log in with OpenID" link. Then enter your email address and livejournal URL. An account will be created called "yourname.livejournal.com", with which you can post comments on existing accounts and read unlocked posts, but can't post entries. If you friend staff and sound intelligent and/or interesting, eventually someone will hand you an invite code. The person who gave me an invite code was DW user rainbow (interested in permaculture, dreamwidth, sustainable living, and puns. Of course she gave me an invite code). To find people, search on the interest "dreamwidth" for starters, which will give you the core staff (and then anything else you're interested in).

I'm in the process of importing this journal. So far, entries have been successfully imported, but the comments import is stalled. Not sure what's up with that yet, still experimenting.

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