Feb. 24th, 2009

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Sithreal had the stitches taken out today. I expected the vet to be there to tell me what I was supposed to do next, but he wasn't there. It was kind of surreal. I'd been dreading what the vet might say to me or try to convince me to do. I was at the point where I was going to send Sithreal to the vet's office with [livejournal.com profile] rialian and not go myself.

Then I decided to face the situation and go after all, only to find out that the vet wasn't even there. I forgot to ask whether or not Sithreal is supposed to return for a followup checkup any time soon, and the girl at the front desk didn't offer to set up an appointment, so that never got done.

The veterinary technician took Sithreal to the back room, and I waited for a few minutes while I had my complimentary hazlenut coffee. Then she brought Sithreal back out minus the stitches, and I took him home.

That was it. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

This doesn't mean we're off the hook yet, though. This just puts it off for a few days. The vet will probably call me if I don't call him.

I still don't know if they think he needs further treatment, and if they do, what that would consist of and for how long. I'm in kind of a weird state where I want to call the vet to be sure I've done everything right, but at the same time I don't want to talk to him at all (even though he's pretty cute).

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