Feb. 4th, 2009

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This Link says that if the tumor is under 2cm, then the survival rate increases to "over 3 years". There's no upper limit on that, so it's looking better than it was with the last article. If there is no sign of spreading to the lymph nodes and he doesn't need chemo (or only needs a little), that would increase his survival chances even more. So that's what I'm hoping for now.

For some reason, I am reminded of one of the better post-apop 80s movies - Bladerunner. In this movie, there was an underclass of manufactured people called Replicants. Normally, Replicants were scheduled to die at a certain time - they'd last for, say, 15 years, and then their functions would automatically cease.

Then there was a breakthrough, and a new line of Replicants had been produced that were for all intents and purposes entirely human, and had no idea when their death would occur. It could be in 20 minutes or in 20 years. Nobody knew. One such Replicant has managed to pass for a human. She is working with the main character (a Bladerunner, i.e., Replicant exterminator) to catch a band of rogue Replicants who were trying to find their maker and force him to extend their lives.

The Bladerunner had no clue what she was until the end of the movie. When he finds out, he makes the decision to retire from his particular form of service to be with her. At least that's how my mind is remembering a movie I saw 30 years ago or so. So now we have,

Sithreal: Post-apocalyptic replicant bladerunner.

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