Jan. 27th, 2009

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Sithreal is in the hospital. He had a suspicious swelling on one of his front nipples. I thought it was the result of him getting scratched by one of my other cats, but then it burst and turned into a lesion. It scabbed over so I waited a few days to see if it the scab would come off and reveal healthy skin underneath. It didn't. The scab persisted and what areas of skin did show looked infected, and appeared as an irregular red blotch. I feared it might be the beginnings of a tumor so I took him in to get it lopped off.

So now he has 5 kitty titties and is minus whatever that was. They're sending it to pathology to determine if it was malignant, but meanwhile I opted to treat it as if it was. Surgery went well, they got all of whatever-it-was, and he's resting comfortably for the night.

They want to check on him tomorrow morning so he's staying overnight. Hopefully he won't be too stressed by all of this (of course he will). We're picking him up before 9 am tomorrow. I was instructed to put him on a diet. He is supposed to weigh 14 pounds, and he weighs 20.

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