Jan. 10th, 2009

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So, where to find magic in the everyday world. Maybe in the corners of musty antique shops, or in tiny, out-of-the-way thrift stores. There, I may find something that only masquerades as an inanimate object, but in fact has acquired sentience over the years. I guess the caveat is to avoid picking up something malevolent. So far so good...

A few weeks ago I found an old railway lantern at one such shop. Its paint had deteriorated to the point where its metal surface was clearly visible between patches of chipped green paint. I took it home and put it in a corner where it was mostly forgotten. Then today I figured I'd commence Reanimation...

First I removed the chips of green using a paint stripper. Under the paint was a brass top and what appeared to be a tin body. Right now it's still waiting for the last of the green paint to dissolve. Once it's free of paint I'll leave the brass part unpainted and polish it with brass polish. The tin part will be painted black. The glass front of the lantern is a deep blue color. It will be nice to see it lit when it's done. A 7-day candle in glass would probably fit perfectly.

I believe it is looking forward to being lit again, once it recovers from the Reanimation...

A few days later: I painted the lantern with "Hammered Black" paint. This paint was supposed to give the surface a hammered metal effect. Once it had dried, the finish looked very durable, but I didn't like it -- the vapors had smelled awful and the result looked like shiny plastic. I had some metallic purple tempera paint available so I applied it as the second coat. So now the lantern is metallic purple. Rialian likes it. I don't know where I'm going to put this monstrosity. It's certainly reanimated. So.... how do I put it back to sleep?
helen99: A windswept tree against a starlit sky (Default)
I've found that I'm so concerned with looking cool (ha, as if I ever actually could) that I've never actually cut loose and talked about stuff that mattered to me. So much so that "what matters" has become obscured in a kind of haze of normalcy. Considering normalcy as a haze is actually at the core of it. Normalcy is something that one aspires to to please the herd. The herd must be pleased, after all, because if not, sabertooth tigers will get us. One must not present as sick and weak or one is food for the lioness behind the tree.

The herd police are really good about making the herd do what it's supposed to, through the use of tools like ridicule and poking (both very prevalent in most simian tribes).

Normalcy is something to be resisted intelligently. Why? Because it is borne of the confines of the 3-D world, which are mutable if you believe any of the spiritual teachings of most paths, all of which more or less say that there's "more to it than that", so to speak. If there's more to it than that, then perhaps there's a place where sabertooth tigers either don't exist, or they aren't as dangerous as they once were because we're no longer acting or smelling like prey.

Not acting or smelling like prey. Now there is a concept...

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