Jan. 6th, 2009

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And so this journal opens its eyes for the first time. (This was the first post of my Insanejournal, which I imported here...)

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I've noticed that an organism who is past reproductive age usually begins the process of deterioration and death. The fact that this organism may yet have something to contribute does not seem to matter. All that matters is the fact that it is consuming resources that could be used by a breeder. Said breeder is more important for the continuation of the species.

I'd like to see this work differently. A species could live on if it didn't reproduce that often, so long as it was physically long-lived. Someone has to convince nature that it doesn't have to operate on the principle of planned obsolescence. To hell with spiritual immortality. I want the choice of extreme longevity here on earth, not some ephemeral promise geared to keep people obedient to some implicate order that exists by agreement only. I think people would be a lot more careful how they walked the earth if they knew they had to walk it for the next 1000 years or so, not to mention the fact that they might actually accomplish something of value once they got tired of their infantile squabbles.

This is not to say that I would choose to stick around forever - but I would like to have that choice.
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The recent flap on LJ concerning the layoffs of a percentage of the tech staff caused me to use LJ_Archive to archive our journals. LJ_Archive is a nice little program. What it does is create a viewable archive of the journal with a chronological listing of entries. Clicking on one of the entries from the list will display the entry along with its associated comments. To run LJ_Archive, I had to download .net framework (which was no problem at all).

The result was two archives, one for my LJ and one for his. Because the format made it so easy to do that, I perused both for a while in a nostalgic meander backwards in time. I would have liked to see us both post more about our magical paths - but the profound magnitude of problems occurring over the past decade, including both political and interpersonal problems, overshadowed that and caused us to post about those instead. There were some posts about elven perspectives, but mostly I saw cries of outrage concerning hypocrisy among peers or Machiavellian maneuvers among politicians. I'm hoping we can (while remaining vigilant) refocus on things magical/elfy now. I seriously need to recharge. If a touch of Bedlam allows me to do that, then a touch of Bedlam it shall be...

The theme of this journal is "Galaxy Song" which takes it far, far outside the sphere of earth's problems. Let us hope that the stars remain forever visible and forever out of the reach of the hungry...

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