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BIG SNOW!!! The biggest we've had since February 2003.
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On the way to work today, it was bright and sunny - the sky was clear except for a few wisps of cirrus here and there. Then about half way to work, I saw a huge cloud in the distance. Its size and distance seemed to indicate another snow front was approaching (and would arrive a couple of hours).

Then in less than a minute, the cloud covered the entire sky and was spitting freezing rain. And less than a minute later, it was gone. The sky was clear and bright again. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw it rapidly fading into a distant haze.

That was surreal.
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It's almost 2008. May this year be better than 2007. May we have enough frigid winter weather to kill off the mosquitoes and bacteria and refreeze the poles (but not enough to have an ice age). May Bush be replaced in a legal, unrigged election with a good, competent person who can restore our civil liberties and promote local empowerment of the individual worldwide (and may they be protected from all harm for the duration of their term). May people at all levels fully acknowledge the planetary temperature shifts that are causing the poles to melt, and figure out what to do about it now. May humanity as a whole learn respect for and love for nature and the patterns of nature. May they leave vast tracts of undeveloped land, because this is the immune system of the earth. May the buildings they do create be beautiful and speak the pattern language of nature. May I and those I care for enjoy good health, prosperity, and love. May we find the home we're looking for.
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It snowed here last night - not a whole lot, but enough to stick on all the leaves. It was supposed to do this in January, not NOW. Geeze. I already planted the berry bushes last week, thinking it would stay warm after that - one of them was starting to flower. The two kiwis were starting to bud too. Now I hope they make it.
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Today I got stuck in the ice. In my driveway. I'd eased the car up a little too far so another car could fit in the driveway for the icy weather. As a result, the front tires were off the driveway and resting on muddy, icy ground at the end of the driveway. Any attempts to back up would result in spinning. First I tried the traction mats my mom gave me about 20 years ago (they never have worked). They continued not to work. Not willing to completely rut the ground or get myself further stuck, I didn't spin the tires. Instead I sat there contemplating being trapped and telecommuting for the day. Then it dawned on me. The tires are only stuck in one direction. If I turn them to the left or right, there will be traction created by the existing tread marks.... (I'm at work now, so it must have worked...)
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Wilma says to NOAA satellite, "What are *you* looking at??!"

The two dots in the center of this infra-red photo of Hurricane Wilma look like eyes - it looks to me like someone looking up and reaching outward...
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It's been warm! and.. and.. *sunny*, and *Spring*-like! :dances the silly dance while gathering daisies and stuff:..
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We need this thing. With the climactic changes that are happening worldwide, (400-lb hailstones, snow in july, tornado increases, and other anomalies) we need to be able to track this stuff via satellite. Why are they dismantling all this cool stuff?



Apr. 16th, 2004 06:09 pm
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Spring has Sprung!
The first leaves flutter in the warm breezes,
the grasses grow like emerald velvet under our feet!
Birds joyously trill a greeting to the sunlight!
The world awakens...
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Feeling the shifting of seasons from summer to fall - there's a faint chill in the air in the early morning, seemingly trying to escape from the warm, dense, humidity. Hoping for a stretch of dry weather...
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Power went out for a few hours. After spending some time enjoying the wind and rain, an idea dawned... Dial-up. We can use dial-up and the laptop.
Rialian checks email during Isabel
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I'm really glad this happened.

There had been talk for several years of water shortages - this should clear that up, especially if it melts slowly and seeps into the ground, thoroughly saturating it for spring. Also, the malaria and W. Nile mosquitoes will be beaten back quite a bit by this, and hopefully a lot of birds will be saved. Not only that, it brought the entire DC area to a badly needed halt. The people around here needed to sit and contemplate the relative unimportance of their priorities compared to the planet having a minor case of dandruff. Finally, it lessened the chance of success for a bio-attack (not that I believe any of the media's recent predictions).

And it stopped before it caved in my roof (that would have sucked)...
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Thanks to everyone who made the gathering what it was. I was left with more food than I started with. The place was left cleaner than it was before the gathering. All the dishes were mysteriously washed. [livejournal.com profile] dhermit helped shovel the cars out of the great snowy goodness (TM). Everyone made it home alive (I had expected everyone to cancel but they didn't). What's not to love...
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I think this blizzard wins the prize. The blizzard of '79 was close, but I don't think it topped this.


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