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Long ago I posted about some research we'd been doing on Rhea and the Korybantes. Just now I was answering an "interview" that [ profile] siabha_maellyn had posted on her journal. One of the questions she asked was something along the lines of, "To which historical period are you the most attracted?" To answer that question, I linked to This Page about the cult of Artemis (which also mentions Rhea and the korybantes and could be thought of as a later version.) What attracted me to this particular description was the fact that the Beekeepers were the guardians the Temple of Artemis.

Then, scrolling down on that page, I noticed the following reference:

"I) ADRASTEIA Town in the Troad
Strabo, Geography 13. 1. 13 (trans. Jones) (Greek geographer C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.): "The city [of Adrasteia in the Troad] is situated between Priapos and Parion; and it has below it a plain that is named after it, in which there was an oracle of Apollon Aktaios (of the Shore) and Artemis."

Intrigued, I did a search on "Adrasteia" and came up with this Wikipedia entry: Adrasteia was a demi-goddess whose name meant "Inescapable". She was the daughter of "Melliseus" (a bee deity) and was charged by Rhea (along with the Korybantes) to raise and protect baby Zeus who was scheduled to be killed by his father.

We're getting our first package of bees very soon (we have a hive ready to go active and they've already been ordered) - so finding this was somehow appropriate.
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Just now by following a link on another journal, I found some interesting links:

Excerpt from the first link:

"Here is a later example from a famous coruscating indictment of a dead crusade leader, Simon de Montfort, referring to the epitaph on his original tomb at the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire in Carcassonne. The inscription on it is now lost, but we know that it envisaged Simon as a saint enthroned in heaven, enjoying God's reward for his earthly deeds:"

"The epitaph says, for those who can read it,
    That he is a saint and martyr who shall breathe again
    And shall in wondrous joy inherit and flourish
    And wear a crown and sit on a heavenly throne.
And I have heard it said that this must be so -
  If by killing men and spilling blood,
    By wasting souls, and preaching murder,
    By following evil counsel, and raising fires,
    By ruining noblemen and besmirching paratge,
    By pillaging the country, and by exalting Pride,
    By stoking up wickedness and stifling good,
    By massacring women and their infants,
  A man can win Jesus in this world,
Then Simon surely wears a crown, respondent in heaven."
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When a forest becomes paved, I wonder what it looks and feels like from the point of view of the faerie realm.
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I was reading the EFT manual, and I realized their description of the affirmation portion of the process was bothering me. Their affirmation is structured similar to:

"Even if I have this [condition/fear/emotion name], I completely accept myself."

This statement reaffirms that the person *has* [condition name] or that [condition name] is a part of the person, when it really isn't. This kind of affirmation hasn't worked very well when I've tried it. Instead, what if the affirmation said,

"As I walk through [condition/fear/emotion name], I unconditionally love myself."

This statement doesn't affirm that the speaker "has" a condition, or that the condition is in any way part of the person. It affirms that the speaker is walking through something and moving forward, but unconditionally loves him/herself at all points on this chosen journey.

The part about the affirmations came from the EFT manual which I downloaded and stored on our server for reference ( The actual description starts on p20. That manual says that in preparation for the actual EFT, the person is supposed to rub the 'sore spot' (lymph node directly in front of and to the left of the armpit) and repeat affirmation to self to hasten the clearing process. Actually the rubbing of that spot while bringing up a picture or emotion makes sense.

Another method: "Bring up the emotion/memory as strongly as you can, touch 7 times on each of these meridian points, then try to bring up the emotion/memory again and see if anything has changed." The practitioner may experience a significant lessening of whatever was causing the fear.
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The version of the new testament that I read long ago says that one and only one crime will never be forgiven: blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

What the heck IS "blasphemy of the holy spirit", I wondered when I read it. Surely it's not some pickled old bum cursing god, country, and destiny.

I think I'm pretty sure I know what the answer is now. Control and domination of the Life Force, control of the Love that binds matter together, control of the planet's magnetic poles, grids, and heart, attempting to place the Earth's heart in a cage. Here are some good candidates:

Patenting and owning of genetic code;
Nuclear detonation (reversing of the strong force, which amounts to scattering love and consciousness);
Genetic engineering - creating life forms without love - amounts to rape and the creation of orcs;
Ownership of life forms, land, water, or air with intent to exploit;
Changing the planet's ice caps and weather patterns with intent to exploit;
Desecrating the earth's polar and equator regions with intent to exploit;
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The Attack of the Archons - a Gnostic take on astrology (in other words, people who want to be outside of time talking about the study of time)... I found the article when searching for Yaldaboath, which I'm pretty convinced is the god some Zionist extremists were praying to when they did this...

Interesting stuff...
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The Mischaf Resh
("Black Book")

One of the twin sacred texts of the Yezidi
They must have been allergic to gluten )
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After observing the state of the world for a number of years, I suddenly arrived at the possibility that God is Pregnant. What this means in terms of universal morning sickness and pain, quality of life, how everyone feels from day to day, who survives the "hormonal" shifts, and what happens when the due date comes around, is playing itself out as we speak...
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Wellp so much for all the fabulous claims made by Knight and Lomas in the book Uriel's Machine.

Here's the astronomical debunking:

This website provides a calculation showing why the Uriel's Machine authors' "megalithic yard" (the basis for their whole hypothesis) is wrong. After this site went up, the authors of the book emailed the site owner saying his debunking was based on spurious mathematics. He told them to email him back with calculations showing what was spurious about it, but they never answered...

Also, the UM authors like to quote alot from the apocryphal "Book of Enoch". I read the chapters they quoted for myself to check the authors' hypotheses. A lot of the passages quoted in Uriel's Machine are taken out of context -- they quoted disjointed fragments to support their statements. They also kept confusing "watchers" and "nephilim", using the two interchangeably, and had many silly grammar errors throughout the book.

There's a genre of books that has arisen that I like to call pseudo-masonic... It includes all the Rennes Le Chateau stuff and the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" books, and the "Da Vinci Code offshoots (it's a work of fiction, folks!). It's based loosely on Masonic ritual and "secret knowledge", much of which I consider to be a patchwork of poorly understood philosophy and pseudo-science mixed with pseudo-religion and memorized dogma (not that this distinguishes it from many other, more populous sects). So what we have here is pseudo-pseudo.

Having said that, I did enjoy the book.
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I'm reading Uriel's Machine -- pretty interesting. Using recorded observations gathered over a number of years (which was a tedious process due to Britain's habitually overcast sky), the authors built a case supporting the possibility that some of the megalithic sites such as Newgrange were astronomical observatories.

I can't imagine what kind of effort must have gone into constructing one of these sites, though. What a horrible life, spent quarrying horrendously large stones out of somewhere, chipping away at solid rock foundation acreage with stone tools to fit the stones into, and then hauling zillion-pound boulders uphill and standing them upright, and then putting the top on them... somehow. For a while (as evidenced by the megaliths and the pyramids etc.), people were obsessed with LARGE and it was more important to get those things built than to live.

Theory has it that in the aftershock of a major catastrophe (such as a comet strike), the reaction was to create structures that could withstand anything and predict events years in advance.

So, wellp, hum.

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