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Back to being able to listen to streaming indie at http://wwwnew.towson.edu/wtmd/wtmdlive.smil

Live streaming had been stopped during the 897 albums month. I wrote and told them I'd contribute... as soon as they gave me back my streaming. They must have gotten my letter and others like it, because this morning the announcer said, "those of you who were waiting for new music that you can't hear anywhere else, we're back!"

Pandora and other sites like it are ok, but there's something different about their streaming indie radio that I missed. Maybe it was the announcer talking about the bands, or maybe it was the fact that they often play genres I wouldn't have thought of listening to on my own, and so I was able to find out that I liked something I didn't know I liked...
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So... WTMD finally got to #1. The way they arrived at the list (they said) was by votes of the listeners. I had no idea that indie listeners liked old music so much. Most of my favorites were completely missing from the countdown. I doubt they even know who Woflsheim is, and where was the *real* greatest album of all time, "Fragile" by NIN? To its credit, the winner is a very, very Britsh piece of work, which lends it 50 points of charm aside from its musical worth, which is prodigious.

The greatest album of all time, according to the listeners of WTMD 98.7, 105.5 is:

The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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WTMD (89.7) is concluding its weeks-long "Top 897 albums of all time" either today or tomorrow. They started this about a month ago, I think - it's taken quite a while for them to get through the list.

I didn't like their decision to do this, because a lot of their selections were semi-classic albums that got plenty of mainstream airtime when they were first released, and many of the featured albums are still played on classic stations.

There are no DC-Balt-VA area local radio stations that specifically play unknown indie bands except WTMD, so I felt they should have stuck to indie music and done the top 897 indie albums of all time if they were going to do something like that at all.

That said, I have enjoyed listening to some of it, and even managed to discover some that I'd never heard before (which I mentioned in earlier posts). Plus, now I've gotten interested in who they consider to be the "Top 897 albums of All Time" (TM) and why.

So far, they say that the list below represents the top 40 of all time. I don't agree with any of these (I think my favorites were, like, #775 or something), but it's been nice to hear some of the songs that are never played anymore. They play about 3-5 songs from each album, so there's a greater chance than usual to hear something that has not been overplayed for decades.

I can't wait to see which album gets #1. I probably won't agree with them, (it will probably be Elvis or something similar). They've been going Way Back on the wayback machine, and some of them were given their ranking because of the influence they had on music rather than what great musicians they were. But it will still be interesting to see who they pick. Maybe they'll surprise me and give it to someone like Muddy Waters (who influenced the Elvises of the world), or maybe they'll go for astronomical popularity, I don't know. By tonight I'll know...

The list so far:

2. The Beatles - White Album
3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
4. The Beatles - Abbey Road
5. The Clash - London Calling
6. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
7. U2 - The Joshua Tree
8. Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks
9. The Who - Who's Next
10. The Beatles- Revolver
11. Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin IV
12. Radiohead - OK Computer
13. Paul Simon- Graceland
14. Rolling Stones- Exile On Main Street
15. Grateful Dead- American Beauty
16. Beatles- Rubber Soul
17. Neil Young- Harvest
18. Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited
19. Nirvana- Nevermind
20. Counting Crows - August and Everything After
21. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
22. Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
23. Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?
24. Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed
25. Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
26. Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
27. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II
28. Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True
29. Pink Floyd - The Wall
30. Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde
31. Derek & The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
32. Van Morrison- Moondance
33. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
34. Led Zeppelin - I
35. Pearl Jam - Ten
36. Joni Mitchell - Blue
37. The Band - The Band
38. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
39. Jeff Buckley - Grace
40. Radiohead - The Bends
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The WTMD morning show

Excerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WTMD

"Relationship with Wasnington [DC]: WTMD partnered with WAMU in Washington DC whereby WAMU rebroadcasts WTMD on their HD Radio Channel 2. This brought back independent music radio to Washington for the first time, since WHFS was sold to CBS Radio (emphasis mine). In fact, this partnership was recognized and praised by FCC Commissioner McDowell in his remarks when the Commission voted to make HD multicasting permanent. WTMD also transmits via a low power signal from the suburb of Great Falls, Virginia on 105.5 FM."

Aha! That would explain why I found it at 105.5 FM. I don't have HD radio, so that's where I would get it. Because it's a low power signal, it sounds a lot like the now defunct WHFS did before their many glitzy upgrades (and subsequent music downgrades). I lose the signal from WTMD about 3 times on the way to work - but... minor technicality. I have enough signal the rest of the time. Anyway, it's nothing a few antenna augmentations can't fix. I've done it before, after all... I've already heard two or three localish, low airplay artists I want to support.

Whatever their location or signal quality, I have not touched that dial since finding them...

More from the Wiki site:

"The station produces First Thursday Concerts in the Park, a series of six free after work shows at West Mount Vernon Park in downtown Baltimore. The Damnwells, Steve Forbert, The Colour, The Young Dubliners and others have performed and these show attract crowds of about 3,000."

The Weaze

Aug. 5th, 2004 10:36 am
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[geezomatic alert]:

Several years ago a couple of people started a radio station that they fondly called "home-grown radio". Whereas all the other stations would play top 40, this one played more of the local stuff that usually remained unheard. They were located in a small station on Cordell Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland. Their ads consisted of touting places like the Psychedeli and Concerts by now-famous, $100/ticket people that sold for $10 at the time... On this station was a character called "The Weasel" and his compatriot, a guy with a speech impediment (yep, a radio DJ with a speech impediment) called Damien. For many years, they reigned supreme in the hearts and minds of people who were ahead of their time or marched to a different drum, or whatever.

Then one day, the station got sold. I guess they got tired of it, or were made an offer they didn't want to refuse, or were hostilely taken over, or whatever. Who knows. But the station changed and became top 40'ed and Clearchannelly. They still called themselves "progressive" but were largely mainstream with a little more white-boy rap than the rest of the stations.

Wellp, I was flipping through stations this morning - my buttons are set to 97.9 (98 rock), DC 101 (top 40), 94.7 (Classic), 99.1 (WHFS - what used to be the Home Grown Bethesda station, now in Annapolis), and a couple of news stations. I usually just skim through them knowing there will probably be nothing on most of them that I like - maybe an occasional decent song on HFS, mostly talk on all the others, unrelenting stupidity on the news stations.

Suddenly, upon passing through 94.7 (classic), I hear an interesting song... This is unusual, since they usually play the same two Zep songs 25 times a day, 365 days a year, and maybe a very occasional Billy Joel song or two. But this time I heard some interesting songs... Subversive even...

Here's an example:

Read more... )

And at the end of the song set, a familiar voice. The Weasel. He was filling in for some other DJ for a few weeks - he's usually on only on weekends (too subversive, maybe)... But for a short time, he's on in the morning when I drive to work. I proceeded to hear a set of very interesting, subversive music all the way to work. The Weaze is back. Now all they have to do is bring back Damien. It may not be home grown radio by a long shot, but it would be the next best thing. Crudeness and shockjockery and incessant babbling and beer ads replaced by subtle humor, artistry, and subversive music. One can dream, I guess.

[/geezomatic alert].

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