Jun. 21st, 2009 09:30 am
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The garden is starting to reflect the weeks of work that have gone into it. Looking back the amount of work is hard to believe. There have been three tillings, putting up deer and electric fencing, sheet mulching and constructing keyhole beds bordered with dead wood, removing rocks and using them to repave the driveway, making paths between beds using sawdust, and planting. The corn is now about a foot tall and other vegetables seem to be prospering. We ate a salad today made from greens harvested from the garden for purposes of thinning between vegetables so the remaining ones would have more room. I took a few pictures.

Some areas are nicely populated with plants, and other areas are pretty bare still. We've sewn buckheat in the bare areas as an edible ground cover.
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A picture of me and my little red wheelbarrow working on one of the sheet mulched beds.

Rialian took this picture about 3 weeks ago. That bed was the first one we sheet mulched so we could plant some potatos. We planted rows of corn to the left of the Potato Peninsula (TM) (the picture shows bare ground in that area - it's been weeded and there are now tiny corn plants coming up).

Three weeks later (now) we've sheet mulched keyhole beds that occupy about a third of the garden area, and we put diverse plants in each of the beds. Today we planted lavender, sorrel, basil, two tobacco plants, lemon verbena, a walking onion, more marigolds, and something called "Scram Plant" which is supposed to repel rabbits (in case they get past the electric fence and the mesh fence). We'll see if that works.

The asparagus is putting out tiny flowers and seems to be doing very well. The vegetables look like maybe they don't like the sheet mulching. Herbs seem to love sheet mulching and are thriving and taking over the place, but the vegetables seem to like bare ground. Weird.

The e-fence is now live. Or at least the top five rows of wire are live. The bottom three aren't. If any grass touches the wires, it will ground out - so those wires are not connected at the moment until we can weed-whack the greenery under the bottom wire. Thus, rabbits can still get in. We will put landscaping fabric under the bottom wire to keep anything from growing there. The lowest wire is maybe two inches from the ground.

I actually tried to clip the grass manually, which was probably a mistake - I'm sure there were ticks in the grass, not to mention poison ivy. I'm already feeling rather itchy -- I'm sure I caught plenty of poison ivy, and these plants don't know me very well yet. My rockville poison ivy patch is nice to me, but the poison ivy out here acts sort of like the bees...


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:13 am
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I just got an email from Heathcote where [ profile] rialian, [ profile] laurelindel, and I took our permaculture intensive course. The email contained a link to the website for their upcoming permaculture intensive.

I noticed the picture immediately, and for a few seconds, wondered why everyone looked so familiar...

I'm behind the elbow of the guy to the left, and Rialian is in the background. I *think* that's [ profile] laurelindel in front with a shovel, but I can't tell for sure.
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A few years back, I was at a holiday get-together at [ profile] rialian's parents house. I think it was Easter. At any rate, it wasn't Christmas, because this year was my first Christmas with them. That day during dinner, I happened to notice an odd ornament situated on top of a large china closet across from me. The ornament looked like a horse. Never mind that the "horse" had antlers, and there were shiny christmas balls attatched to said antlers - I was not associating this ornament with Christmas, since it was months away, and I was actually thinking about something else when I saw it. That was when I absently remarked to the room at large, "That horse looks like its brain exploded."

Well, Rialian's mom doesn't forget such a grand opportunity for endless mockery. So when I opened up one of my Chirstmas gifts today, I was surely not surprised to see...what I saw.

Of course, it was Rialian and Stove Top who pointed out the fact that it appeared to be "anatomically correct" (we don't know if Rialian's mom noticed this or not, but we suspect maybe she did...)

The Drag Stags have nothing on him )


Jan. 18th, 2007 09:38 pm
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Bwaha! My camera made it home in one piece. They fixed EVERYTHING. It may as well be brand new. Finally. It was so easy. Why didn't I do this when Oosie first knocked it off the counter (where I shouldn't have put it to begin with - of course she knocked it down - she knocks everything down). And why didn't I think of it before I bought the stepchild Fuji, which has been gathering dust ever since. My computer works and my camera works. Things are looking up.

very large, unedited:

... and on into the night...
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"Dear Helen :
We are pleased to confirm that the service you requested on your POWER SHOT A10 has been completed and your equipment has been shipped to you on 16-JAN-07 .. The tracking number for your package is...
Best Regards, Canon Factory Service Center"

My baby. After two years of being out of commission, my baby is repaired and is coming home.

Yes, I know it would have cost only a little more to get a new one. But.. My baby.

There will soon be pics on this LJ once more...
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We got us a bona fide red-haired, changecolor-eyed elf in the family:

Those Ears... )
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From the last spark storming
In the void of the last morning
From the last lifelight dying
Rose the first Starbird singing
Its Forevervoice bringing
Infinity Reborn Flying

Phoenix Rising, by Gilbert Williams
Click image for larger version
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I just found the cafepress bumper sticker store, a very frightening place...

These were my favorites... Now to pick the one that will be the Third Bumper Sticker on poor Lyra...


Update: I deleted my bumpersticker directory by mistake. Wah. Anyway, I decided on "If all else fails, stop using all else"...

Update: I found the bumpersticker directory! Yay!
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Quorpencetta, Rialian, and I were having an interesting conversation... Rialian was resting on the people-eating couch that causes anyone who sits on it to fall asleep. Presently, he started drifting off. I knew the couch was about to have its wicked way with him.

I expressed concern about the evil intentions of the couch... And how he seemed so... vulnerable to it - he was succumbing in such a short time! Despite denials on his part, I assured him that I can always tell when the couch is about to get someone. I added that in my experience, once the couch gets someone, it's often "curtains" until the next morning.

What ensued from that exchange was that 1) I succeeded in wresting him away from the couch and 2) he made a bunch of faces at me that I caught on camera. These are .... unique, to say the least. and Here they are!!

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I really like her...

Her website is here:
Here are prints for sale:

But mostly I like her because she did the artwork for this card:
Read more... )
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This is from 2/24, taken at 6:00 pm by NASA (

That's one very large magnetic storm going on... The green one looks like Godzilla to me I see a lizard eye and a lizard mouth and everything. Weird.

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