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It's finally happened. Paid Premium DW accounts can list 250 interests. I doubt I can even think of that many, but it will be fun to try... I'd already managed to list 190 by importing three journals (imported interests were not limited). However, I couldn't add or remove any interests without deleting 40 of them first, because the add/remove interests feature was still limited to 150. I also like the new ability to view the reading page by date, for example, http://helen99.dreamwidth.org/read?date=2009-06-01.

I haven't been here as much as I'd like, since my workplace blocks Dreamwidth (but not LJ). So back to LJ I went for most daytime/weekday posting. How fickle is the public.

I'm still puzzled by why LJ and IJ are not blocked but DW is. For a few weeks last year, my workplace blocked LJ, but then they immediately unblocked it. Maybe someone at the top has an LJ. This is getting more plausible now that we have computer-literate people in positions of power (it took a while).
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Does anyone know the custom CSS to display a background image in the "page background" section of the Transmogrified style? I'm guessing the CSS would have to specify the page section/container/position as well as the image (so the image didn't display in the 'entry' section and obscure the text, for example).

Eventually I'll switch to Core2 (Tabula Rasa?) when it's ready, at which point I'll want to know how to apply a background image (or different colors) to separate portions of the layout, and how to change the arrangement of the layout parts using CSS. Transmogrified is the practice style until that happens...
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It seems that LJ's ex-staff has not been idle since their departure. Before they were fired, they had been working on an open source project called Dreamwidth, created in the original spirit of Livejournal with some enhancements and changes. Post-axing, they continued to work on it even more than they had been before. It's still in beta (closed group) and is scheduled for release on April 30.

People are clamoring at the gate already and there's a waiting list for invite codes (I'm on the waiting list). I'm at this temporary account until I can get a real one.


Jul. 25th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Back to the Generator style.

I tried S2 Expressive for 5 months. It had all the features I wanted (tags, page summary, calendar, a huge assortment of decent themes, the "next entry" feature, etc.), but that was outweighed by the fact that the ability to specify a background image and customize colors was missing. The journal felt like it had been forced into another person's idea of what it should look like. Maybe if I brush up on custom CSS I can apply chosen background images to an S2 Expressive foundation - that could be an interesting project.
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Act III is here!

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For a while I had wanted a better way to search my journal for specific subjects, but had never tagged the entries except in isolated occasions. I was using a simple S1 Generator style that didn't have the indexing feature, and never got around to changing that. Recently I decided I wanted a style that has a sidebar with a tag listing and links to the titles on the page. I had to give up my pretty background picture, but the styles offered by LJ have improved enough that I'm willing to use a few of them. The one I chose (a Chinese watercolor design) has the indexing features I want, and the text area is wide enough to accommodate multiple comment threads and a few images here and there, so it works. The main thing is, it's all indexed now (that was a job).
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I unsubscribed from some journals that were either never used, or else I have no clue who you are (either I never knew to begin with or I forgot). If for some reason you want me to re-add you, let me know.
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Many things are actively manipulated to grow too large to sustain themselves, and then they are again manipulated to meet profitable ends after the rampant growth is achieved. After a certain level of unsustainable growth is achieved, an influx of investment capital is required to keep the balloon inflated, or it will wilt.

Examples include religions, towns, populations, Livejournal, industries, schools, etc. When this happens, the over-sized entity is either diminished in quality, destroyed and therefore abandoned, or changed so much that it becomes unrecognizable from its original form.

I hope the Russians do OK with LJ and don't change it to be unrecognizable or otherwise mess it up too much. We'll see...
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Finished going through my entire journal and restoring all the images. While I was at it, I also relinked places that had moved. For a lot of the broken news articles, there were no alternate links, so I either found them in the Wayback Machine or posted another article on the same subject (all are either copied, relinked, or replaced).
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I restored all the pretty pictures on [livejournal.com profile] yldann. Now I have to restore [livejournal.com profile] helen99, which has been in existence since September 5, 2001. Maybe I'll just restore the ones in the memories section. No, I hate broken links. I'll have to put all of them back.

Which means I'll have to check every post to see what the filenames were, so I don't post things I don't need. I think I'll create a folder called "journal pictures" and put them all in there, so I'll know which ones they are. Why didn't I do that before, one may ask. Because I'm lazy, plain and simple... I just posted and linked with no semblance of order.

If it's one thing a lazy librarian doesn't like, it's having the library turned upside down and shaken out...
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Thank you, LJ staff for your tireless effort. Now get some sleep. Once you rest up, you may want to consider getting a Network Services provider other than http://www.internap.com.


Mar. 15th, 2004 01:24 am
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A way to get rid of people you don't want to see on your Friends Of list.

1. Make sure you're logged in
2. Go to http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console/
3. Type ban_set username into the console

They magically disappear from your Friends Of list, never to be seen again, nor can they ever comment.

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