Salon Con

Jan. 5th, 2009 02:01 pm
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Circumstances are threatening to prevent Salon Con from happening in 2009. Whether or not it does occur will depend on the funding that can be raised in the time left and also on the willingness of someone(s) to assist with a portion of the legwork of planning and running the event. If you understand/live the vision of Salon Con and you want to be part of this effort, contact [ profile] corvaxgirl or leave a message at [ profile] salonconvention.

Edit - For more information about Saloncon, here's the Salon Con Website
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Dear [ profile] ashrangildowan,

Happy birth - DAY! (huh!)
Happy birth - DAY (huh!)

May the candles on your cake
burn like cities in your wake

May your skill with sword and axe
equal those with sheep and yaks

So another year has passed
Don't look now they're gaining fast!

Though you're turning 29 (or thereabouts)
Age to you is like fine wine

While you ate your birthday stew
We sacked a little town for you!

(Sorry you missed it! Happy birthday!)
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It seems that someone has created a doll that resembles a person I know. It doesn't look exactly like him, and the original certainly would never dress like they've dressed this understandably homicidal doll, but ->the resemblance is close enough to make me go "eek"<-.

Zone 9

Mar. 24th, 2008 04:25 pm
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We just returned from a very long drive from Temperate Zone 6 to Subtropical Zone 9 and back again.

Road Trip™!

Ahhh, Zone Nine, I have missed thee. The Sun. The beautiful Sun. And the Salt Water... And the Ghosts... And the tiny ocean exoskeletons (sand)!

We usually like to travel overnight, since there are fewer people around. Oddly, I can see better when it's mostly dark (with starlight and moonlight). I had always thought I was night blind, but that isn't the case. Actually, I can see fine if there are no lights at all. When it was raining, windshield wipers weren't necessary as long as there were no artificial lights shining on the rain and creating reflections. As soon as we would pass a city with halogens, though, the night blindness would set in. I was glad to find that out, since I hated being "night blind". This makes it difficult but isn't quite as obnoxious (I love the night). So.. I chose to drive between 1:00 and 3:00 am when we were far away from the city and there were fewer people on the road (thanks to [ profile] rialian who drives in all conditions, any distance...).

We mainly went to visit with friends. I didn't go swimming this time (there were rip tides). It was great to see the ocean nonetheless. Of course, our camera hid the entire time until we were already on the way back, so no pictures. :( Suffice it to say that I saw the sand, sun, and salt water, which is important, in that if I do not, I start to feel a bit dead. I did bring back a few treasures from where we were staying - a few shells that look like brains, a little kaleidoscope, and a leather sculpture that needs a photograph rather than a description. Thank you for a wonderful time to everyone who put us up for the weekend!

There was some daytime driving on the way back, so I got a chance to observe some of the terrain. Suddenly I was jolted out of a reverie of admiring the passing forests when I noticed something disturbing: A forested area had been planted with the same kind of pine tree, over and over, and the trees were all in perfectly straight rows, one after the other. If they'd been healthy it would have still been bad, but not horrible. They weren't. All the lower branches were removed from every tree, so these trees looked like toothpicks with christmas tree hats. They made me feel 'captured' and the clouds in front of the moon suddenly took the form of bars in my mind. I think it was owned by a paper mill. When it ended and the normal forest took over the scenery again, it was a palpable relief (as in, absense of pain).

We got back at around 5 this morning, so I called in to work - they were very understanding, so I'm taking the day off - should have scheduled it to begin with, but I'm always afraid that if I do, what we would do is stay an extra day (and the situation would repeat itself only later).

I really do need to plan to stay away longer when I go across country...
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After dining at an excellent Korean restauraunt, I accompanied friends to see The Golden Compass last night.

spoilers )
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Must have been that pre-holiday cheer and stuff...

Happy 9 months after December November birthdays
[ profile] sionnachdhu, Aug 18
[ profile] rialian, Aug 19
[ profile] elwing2000, Aug 22
[ profile] starlightforest, Aug 23
and [ profile] heron61, Aug 25

Edit - and as fatherdog has pointed out, I can't count...

happy birthday )
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[ profile] rialian and I went to Microcenter on Sunday to pick up a new motherboard. This meant that we also had to get a new processor and memory, because the slots had changed.

While we were there, we found a 200-gig HD and an ostentatiously obnoxious, shiny black case for a reasonable price, so we decided to be reasonable and use the basic case and disk we already had go for it. To our credit, we did reuse some parts of the old system. Ok, so we only reused the DVD burner. Heh.

Anyway, we got the Stuff home and [ profile] rialian spent the evening assembling it, only to realize that the hard disk required an IDE-to-SATA adapter in order to connect the power supply to the disk. Another trip to Microcenter became necessary, which we planned for the following day.

Also planned for that day was a trip to see [ profile] fishy1 and [ profile] scraun23, who live about a minute away from Microcenter, so it wasn't really an extra trip at all, but still frustrating for [ profile] rialian, who had hoped to get the system running Sunday.

It should be known that the home of [ profile] fishy1 and [ profile] scraun23 is the Land Where Time Runs Backwards.

In fact, they have a clock on their wall which is a mirror image of a normal clock, and it DOES run backwards. While there, the inclination was not to leave to work on the computer, but rather to bring the computer there to work on it. Presently, we called [ profile] lyssabard and [ profile] tlttlotd to join us in the timewarp. While [ profile] scraun23 and [ profile] tlttlotd went to microcenter to get a power supply for their house server, [ profile] rialian went back to Rockville and picked up my computer-in-progress. Eventually, they all returned, and my computer was fetched to the Land Where Time Runs Backwards. Meanwhile, we'd been joined by a few more people!

So... here we were at this impromptu event, involving [ profile] fishy1's magic cider (this batch is even better than the last batch, and continues to get better), my computer, the resurrection of their server whose power supply had gone bad, jewelry-making by [ profile] lyssabard, and general deep socializing about Things That Matter. The Force, the Farce, the Music, and the Geek were strong. Games of Go were played. Servers were resurrected. Computers were built. New sparkly jewelry was created.

Such was the environment where The Shiny Teh Shineh achieved Life at about 1:00 am on May 29 2007... We continue to load files and email from other disks - that should be done by tonight.
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Friday night, went to visit [ profile] fishy1 and [ profile] scraun23 and make sushi. That was the first time I'd ever made sushi, and it was quite enjoyable and not difficult at all. Must find out where to get the ingredients, and how long to cook the rice and what kind of seaweed goes best, etc! We saw Nightwatch and Immortal, both bizarre but strangely fun movies.

Saturday - Decided that one flat panel is never enough, so we went to some computer sales and found a flat panel for [ profile] rialian. Two Old Eye-Fries down, two to go, unfortunately not the one involved in Tuesday Night... yet.

Sunday I murdered rose bushes... )
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I went on a beach bum holiday this past weekend! We discovered that November in Florida is often sunny and warm and doesn't burn [ profile] rialian's fair skin. We had a wonderful time at the ocean, and got to visit with a dear friend who we had not seen in a while.

I figured I should get something to remember the wonderful time that was had by all... So....

I bought me a Devil Ducky! They come in all different colors, even zebra striped, but I opted for the yellow one with red horns, because it looks almost normal, and so is much creepier.

Unfortunately for me, the packaging of this item has a horrible inscription written on it, probably in the blood of Devil Ducky's victims. I didn't notice what it was until it was too late - I'd already seen it! (agggh!) There was only one thing left to do -- post the inscription on my journal!

You're the One... )
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This weekend [ profile] keyake visited the area to see people and help with the next 14-gallon batch of Catnip Damiana mead. On friday we bottled the Apple Cyzer that we had made last year. Of course we had to sample it, and had an interesting evening exploring memories with [ profile] rialian and [ profile] aekiy.

On Saturday we trooped to the land of faerie (otherwise known as Ellicott City) to go elfing with [ profile] dancinglights, [ profile] machineofdoom, [ profile] podisodd, [ profile] rialian, and [ profile] kyrin7. First we stopped at the gateway to faerie coffee shop to eat, and then we went to a very dangerous store, wherein lurk the purveyors of sparkly things and magical boxes and peacock cloaks and faerie dolls. We bought a fine lot of magical items, some to distribute and some to keep. Then we went back to [ profile] dancinglights and [ profile] podisodd's house to chill for a bit, then it was back out to gather ingredients for the mead we planned to make on Sunday, then back to the house to chill for the evening. Much good conversation and energetic shifting ensued for the evening.

Some time during the weekend, some kind of unspecified evil was done. It is not yet complete, so I shall not speak of it yet. I'm looking at the results so far, and it is most glorious, as all evil worth anything should be...

Sunday, [ profile] keyake and I went back to the Evil Store and picked up some more things that we had resisted the day before. Resistance was futile, we knew. The Quest was completed successfully, but not before a price was exacted to the land of faerie... [ profile] keyake's boot decided to come apart just as we arrived at the destination. Thus reimbursed, the faerie store yielded up its wondrous treasures. Yes, [ profile] kyrin7, I now have one more creepy doll... with WINGS. Boowahahaha!!1
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Today, two friends got married. The ceremony was wonderful, magical, and beautiful, as were the bride and groom.

The reception was a lot of fun. [ profile] rialian kept everyone entertained... (I believe there will be videos). Cameras were distributed. Unofficial piccage abounds. They'll have to be developed and digitized before we get to see them though. I hope they turn out - I had fun sneaking around and snapping pictures when the victims were least expecting it.

I feel strange now, as often happens after an episode of temporal vertigo.
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We saw a dear friend for the first time in a long time - a wonderful time and a lot of [ profile] rialian's mead were had by all. We sat around and chatted for ages, then went for delicious sushi. [ profile] rialian introduced me to Unagi, so from now on, that's all I'll eat ever again. Well, maybe I'll eat other stuff sometimes. Then we went back home and presently other people people in the house got drowsy so Rialian, Friend, and I settled down to drinking Magic Mead (attuned with Ama Deus, Reiki, and the Helath attunement), and settled down to the Kind of Conversation You Have if You Drink That. We talked about shifting realitites as we shifted back and forth between said realities. Friend was visibly shifting form as we were talking. Sometime before that we had done some energy work on Rialian and Dear Friend scanned and identified Ancient Issue that Made Sense in the Context of Things. Sometime during the generally observed timeframe (which may or may not be entirely linear, in fact I'm fairly certain it is not) we had Spiced Aztec Hot Chocolate with Nutmeg and Cinnamon added (if you know what I mean). Yes well, yeah. And Stuff. We all wanted to do a formal energetic link but Other Drowsy People were meandering in and out of the place, so we didn't, but I believe it happened anyway on many levels. We said goodbye to Friend with sad but happy hugs and she's travelling back to her current home state now. We shall visit her next. We were planning to visit when she met up with other friends in NOLA while the original NOLA was still there. We never made it. We surely must just decide one day and go.

Numi Tea

Jan. 6th, 2006 09:09 am
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Many thanks to [ profile] kyoudai02, [ profile] animelily, and [ profile] rhiannasilel for their gift of Numi Flower tea and teapot! We've been enjoying it immensely for the past several days. It's so cool to watch the "flower" unfold in the teapot - what a cool artform. The tea tastes good too. [ profile] rialian just saw the flower unfold for the first time last night and he was delighted too.

And no, we did not dance the Numa Numa dance afterwards...
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We had [ profile] sionnachdhu and [ profile] rhiannasilel staying with us for several days - they just left last night. It was great to have you over!

In other news, I finally got around to unloading my car from the October Thresholds. Good grief - I've really gotten lazy. The only reason I did it at all was that [ profile] rialian had to borrow it while his car was in for its routine servicing. Otherwise the stuff would still be in there, maybe forever.
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[ profile] helen99 = Le Suque at DDR. After about 5 practice attempts and watching a bunch of people fly through the steps with cat-like antigravity, the best foot-eye coordination I could achieve was a "C" on the easiest, ploddiest, most boring song of them all, designed for the foot-eye challenged (level .00001 or something). It was so slow that [ profile] aekiy missed steps because it was too slow. I even got a D on the training mode. But that's not the real reason for this post...

Last night [ profile] aekiy did DDR! The same [ profile] aekiy who has never danced, never done DDR, was on crutches due to Lyme disease at WtT7, and hasn't really had any exercise since the onset of the Lyme several years ago, did DDR, for a long time, at levels 2 and 3, and got Bs! Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I am hoping we have the Lyme on the run, permanently.

Thanks go to [ profile] lyssabard and [ profile] tlttlotd for an excellent party, and to [ profile] rangermorgiah for beautiful dance. There was an altar for the dead outside on the balcony, and [ profile] kyoudai02 had brought "Ghost Money", which is from a Buddhist custom wherein you burn some fake money so the dead can use it in the afterlife... I lit a candle for the City of New Orleans, and burnt the city some Ghost Money. I was dressed as the Spirit of New Orleans, with a big floopy french-looking cap and a lot of Mardi Gras beads... It felt right to honor the City last night.
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Apropos of nothing, it's a good idea to do ample stretching exercises before and after going up and down 3 flights of stairs hundreds of times... And we had the best doorstop we could ever have wished for. That, and excellent chili...
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We spent part of the day in Ellicott City with a group of our friends... We had coffee and then went walking in the beautiful stone city, some of which is built into the hillside - it is a unique place. The whole city is built of beautiful, great, grey stones, and the sidewalks are brick and cobblestone. Very fey, and old. I believe a lot of it was built in the 1800s. There are ghosts there too - never saw one but I can feel that there's something unusual there... I think stone holds resonances quite well.

I wish more cities were built like that. It was a very enjoyable day - always glad to see friends. Spent some time catching up on events of [ profile] kyrin7's ever-interesting life, and went walking among the strange little shops. It's also been a little sad though, since two of our friends are leaving the area, one going North and one going South...

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