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This music mightily tugged on my heartstrings...

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For bee and music lovers:

Jennifer Batten does Flight of the bumblebee.

More Jennifer Batten goodness

And thus we segue into this

Man? Woman? Elf? Black? White? I don't know (or care).

I am impressed. Wow.
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The recent flap on LJ concerning the layoffs of a percentage of the tech staff caused me to use LJ_Archive to archive our journals. LJ_Archive is a nice little program. What it does is create a viewable archive of the journal with a chronological listing of entries. Clicking on one of the entries from the list will display the entry along with its associated comments. To run LJ_Archive, I had to download .net framework (which was no problem at all).

The result was two archives, one for my LJ and one for his. Because the format made it so easy to do that, I perused both for a while in a nostalgic meander backwards in time. I would have liked to see us both post more about our magical paths - but the profound magnitude of problems occurring over the past decade, including both political and interpersonal problems, overshadowed that and caused us to post about those instead. There were some posts about elven perspectives, but mostly I saw cries of outrage concerning hypocrisy among peers or Machiavellian maneuvers among politicians. I'm hoping we can (while remaining vigilant) refocus on things magical/elfy now. I seriously need to recharge. If a touch of Bedlam allows me to do that, then a touch of Bedlam it shall be...

The theme of this journal is "Galaxy Song" which takes it far, far outside the sphere of earth's problems. Let us hope that the stars remain forever visible and forever out of the reach of the hungry...
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I've noticed that an organism who is past reproductive age usually begins the process of deterioration and death. The fact that this organism may yet have something to contribute does not seem to matter. All that matters is the fact that it is consuming resources that could be used by a breeder. Said breeder is more important for the continuation of the species.

I'd like to see this work differently. A species could live on if it didn't reproduce that often, so long as it was physically long-lived. Someone has to convince nature that it doesn't have to operate on the principle of planned obsolescence. To hell with spiritual immortality. I want the choice of extreme longevity here on earth, not some ephemeral promise geared to keep people obedient to some implicate order that exists by agreement only. I think people would be a lot more careful how they walked the earth if they knew they had to walk it for the next 1000 years or so, not to mention the fact that they might actually accomplish something of value once they got tired of their infantile squabbles.

This is not to say that I would choose to stick around forever - but I would like to have that choice.
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I was bored, so I found This Site where I made This and This. They need a little costume design help, but it is a nifty program (if you like dressing up elf dolls).

Zone 9

Mar. 24th, 2008 04:25 pm
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We just returned from a very long drive from Temperate Zone 6 to Subtropical Zone 9 and back again.

Road Trip™!

Ahhh, Zone Nine, I have missed thee. The Sun. The beautiful Sun. And the Salt Water... And the Ghosts... And the tiny ocean exoskeletons (sand)!

We usually like to travel overnight, since there are fewer people around. Oddly, I can see better when it's mostly dark (with starlight and moonlight). I had always thought I was night blind, but that isn't the case. Actually, I can see fine if there are no lights at all. When it was raining, windshield wipers weren't necessary as long as there were no artificial lights shining on the rain and creating reflections. As soon as we would pass a city with halogens, though, the night blindness would set in. I was glad to find that out, since I hated being "night blind". This makes it difficult but isn't quite as obnoxious (I love the night). So.. I chose to drive between 1:00 and 3:00 am when we were far away from the city and there were fewer people on the road (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rialian who drives in all conditions, any distance...).

We mainly went to visit with friends. I didn't go swimming this time (there were rip tides). It was great to see the ocean nonetheless. Of course, our camera hid the entire time until we were already on the way back, so no pictures. :( Suffice it to say that I saw the sand, sun, and salt water, which is important, in that if I do not, I start to feel a bit dead. I did bring back a few treasures from where we were staying - a few shells that look like brains, a little kaleidoscope, and a leather sculpture that needs a photograph rather than a description. Thank you for a wonderful time to everyone who put us up for the weekend!

There was some daytime driving on the way back, so I got a chance to observe some of the terrain. Suddenly I was jolted out of a reverie of admiring the passing forests when I noticed something disturbing: A forested area had been planted with the same kind of pine tree, over and over, and the trees were all in perfectly straight rows, one after the other. If they'd been healthy it would have still been bad, but not horrible. They weren't. All the lower branches were removed from every tree, so these trees looked like toothpicks with christmas tree hats. They made me feel 'captured' and the clouds in front of the moon suddenly took the form of bars in my mind. I think it was owned by a paper mill. When it ended and the normal forest took over the scenery again, it was a palpable relief (as in, absense of pain).

We got back at around 5 this morning, so I called in to work - they were very understanding, so I'm taking the day off - should have scheduled it to begin with, but I'm always afraid that if I do, what we would do is stay an extra day (and the situation would repeat itself only later).

I really do need to plan to stay away longer when I go across country...
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[livejournal.com profile] rialian brought home an awe-inspiring new CD a few days ago -- Here's a sample of their music...

Qntal -- "Von den Elben"

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The Silver Elves contacted [livejournal.com profile] rialian recently and told him they wanted to send him a gift. That was really sweet. I hadn't been following their stuff for about as long as I haven't been reading the lists, but [livejournal.com profile] rialian is still on their listserve. I hadn't realized it, but he'd been receiving their "Magical Elven Love Letters" to this day! He was happily surprised when they said they wanted to send him something - who knew that they would ever do that. They eventually sent three books: a collection of the Magical Elven Love Letters from 1979 through 2001; Elven Runes; Elven Book of Spirits. We had expected some stuffy theosophical BS, but in fact they aren't like that at all.

While he was reading one of the books, Rialian quoted a couple of lines that typify their tone:

"When we Elfin walk in the foodstores of man, we find aisles of bloody and cut up carcasses of animals wrapped in celophane. And men think that we are strange."

"Beware of people who are always sure of themselves... They're probably crazy".

"If you ask the fae what our favorite architectural buildings of man are, we most often answer, "Ancient Ruins".

"We Elfin do not believe that we are better than other people, we simply believe there are some folks who could do quite a bit more to their full potential."

I tend to agree. I'm glad they like us. Maybe some day we'll even meet them. Some day.
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We got us a bona fide red-haired, changecolor-eyed elf in the family:

Those Ears... )


Nov. 8th, 2005 03:50 pm
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Sometimes I find strange things when surfing around, such as Elves in France. For some reason I looked up the Tolkien Phrase "Elen Sila Lummeni Omentielvo" and got a number of French hits. I learned today that the French word for "Elvish" is "Elfique".

Elfique! Heeheehee!!! I'm not sure why that tickles but it does.

Anyway, I did another search on "Elfique", and got this site:


Wherein it says, after you click on the spash image,


Elfique.com est un site traitant de sujets divers et variés qui tiennent à coeur les gens de notre espèce, poèmes, textes, images... voilà ce que vous trouverez ici" (etc.)

Ringarion - Haut Elfe de Tiamat - webmaster du site"

Goodness. "Haut Elfe de Tiamat"?

Note to [livejournal.com profile] thewronghands... "Elfique" isn't so distant from French after all...


Jun. 25th, 2003 04:21 pm
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A blood old and proud in your veins
The depth of the wood in your heart,
A star's light long ago made its home in your eyes
But keep the stealth of the woodland beings
That you be not confined or consumed
For that which has not, will seek to grasp
And that which is not free cannot abide freedom
Wearing, then, the cloak of the invisible
Unbounded, sing with your people in the forest.


Jan. 17th, 2003 07:45 pm
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The forest slightly parts its darkened leaves
The Sentinel waits in the shadow of the great trees
and gazes toward the grey peaks reaching skyward in the far lands...
He hears the music across the foothills,
and the hillside is brightened with a song of color and light
A Company approaches, for it is the time of the Festival
The Festival of SoonTide
to celebrate the Joy that is Soon to Be
The Sentinel sounds the Welcome Call
and the Songs and Stories
of Remembrance,
of Re-meeting,
of SoonLight

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