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60%, 70%, 80%....
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I just received the Thinkgeek catalog, which has a line of teeshirts with caffeine molecules printed on them (I have one). Recently they've added a chocolate molecule to their line of shirts. The two molecules looked so much alike that at first I thought they were identical. There is a difference, though. The first image is caffeine, and the second one is chocolate.

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Natural Zing raw Cacao beans and nibs - all you could ever want... (ordering now).
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One thing that really bugs me is when I go miles out of my way to a store that carried something I really like, only to find that they've run out of it or don't carry it at all anymore. Just last Saturday we went all the way to Roots at the Conscious Corner shopping center (yes, there really is such a place, and we really do drive for an hour to get there). One of the reasons we took the trip was to find Larry's Cool Beans Sumatra Blend Shade Grown Fair Trade Coffee for reasons only another coffee nut would understand.

When we got there, we found the Cool Beans section, only to find to our disappointment that Roots had run out of Larry's Cool Beans Sumatra Blend Shade Grown Fair Trade Coffee (LCBSBSGFTC) and had not yet restocked.

AGGGGGHHH! Yet another instance of a store restocking every OTHER blend except the one I want. The last time this happened, everyone ran out of Dagoba Xocolatl Organic Hot Chocolate with Chilies and Cinnamon. Someone told "Them" that we really liked it, so "They" suddenly made it disappear from ALL shelves everywhere, no matter what store we went to. Even the Great Sage restaurant didn't serve it anymore.

Then I remembered what I already knew... I think [livejournal.com profile] amberite had a lot to do with my enlightenment about 3 years ago when she showed me http://www.chocosphere.com. It was then that I realized once and for all that I can get just about anything I want on the Net. I searched and immediately found http://www.larrysbeans.com/items.php?subsection=2 and bought two bags of LCBSBSGFTC for myself and two for my brother. Xocolatl is available from http://www.worldwidechocolate.com/shop_dagoba.html
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According to
http://www.lakechamplainchocolates.com/AboutOurChocolates.aspx , these are the proper dates in January to give Chocolates:

New Year's Day: January 1st (we had http://www.lakechamplainchocolates.com/Products.aspx?pn_deptid=418 for new years)...
National English Toffee Day: January 8th 2006
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Third Monday in January 2006
Chinese New Year: January 29th 2006

"National English Toffee Day"??!

How come we can't have cool holidays like that?

Maybe we could have National Dagoba Eclipse 87% Dark Day or something.
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The shipment of two 5-packs has been dispatched.


"Noir Infini by Michel Cluizel
30g/1oz Dark Chocolate bar, 99% Cocoa.
Note: This chocolate is extremely bitter and contains a very small amount of sugar, orange blossom and spice."

So shall it be...

http://www.chocosphere.com is a website that was called to our attention in 2003 by [livejournal.com profile] amberite.

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