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Several of the CD covers I received from Lingalad were done by the following artist:

Mariachiara Rossetti, an Italian artist.

If you love Elves, Stars, Ancient Woods, Wolves, Ships What Float on Starry Seas, Legolas, Earendil, Yavanna, and Similar Stuff, Go There. Trust me on this one.


Edit - Direct picture links removed - that was a temporary heads up to her existence only.
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I liked this rendition of Merlin and Nimue a lot for some reason.

Maybe it's Merlin's come-hither, Baryshnikov-like presentation or his oddly obsessed expression, or maybe it's Nimue's thin, studious, non-obvious allure. I don't know - but I like it.
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This past year I've been looking into the ways in which the structure of timekeeping affects the way people think (chronopsychology?). This was the subject of much discussion and would have been a workshop if I'd been able to synthesize the information, but nothing gelled as of last June. Today I ran across this (bought myself a copy):

Aside from being very pretty, it may be useful for experimenting with differing methods of timekeeping. If nothing else, it's a very pretty calendar.
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This is a wav file of [livejournal.com profile] rialian recording several tracks of his voice at once: http://www.rialian.com/mew1.wav
and this is a screenshot of the visual effect that appeared when I played the recording in Totem...

So ok, maybe not everyone has been waiting for this...
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Yay! My Rebecca Guay prints I ordered a month or so ago are on their way!

"Dear Helen-
Just letting you know that your order shipped this
Very best wishes-

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Google has Leonardo Da Vinci decorations today. I'm assuming that means it's his birthday! I never knew he was born a day after me. In 1452, that is. Over 500 years ago. Somehow I never realized he dated that far back.
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I really like her...

Her website is here:
Here are prints for sale: http://www.rebeccaguay.com/mtg_page1.html

But mostly I like her because she did the artwork for this card:
Read more... )
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We went to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival today and saw many wondrous things. Some of the crafts are so beautiful that they seem too good to be part of this world... I was very happy to be in the midst of relatively sane people who create beauty as a way of life... Anyway, I came across this shop: http://www.thoseshoes.com

The shop is called Those Shoes - and that's about the best way to describe them. I sat there and gazed at those shoes for about half an hour, exclaiming at intervals how beautiful they looked, and how I could gaze upon them all day. Luckily, [livejournal.com profile] rialian was in a lengthy conversation with one of the staff about day care for a disabled kid, and so I got to look for a Long Time...

Yes, I shall have a pair of Those Shoes, and I shall wear them to work and scare everyone, and I will go start saving up now...

Then the person that Rialian was talking to asked me if I had gone to Einstein highschool. I had. He said he graduated the same year I graduated, was friends with the same people I was friends with, and recognized me. I had no clue who the grizzled old dude was. I let him know who among our mutual friends had moved to Switzerland and who had died. I tried on two pairs of Those Shoes.

They weren't ruby slippers, but the effect was similar...
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I just got the daily search activity report for the website, and someone was searching for "trees of light". Please, who are you? Talk to me! What was it you were looking for? I wish I did have a page about "trees of light". Maybe I will...

Edit - Ah it's a Tolkien reference (Telpirion and Laurelin, slain by Melkor in the First Age).. Been a while since I read that - I'd forgotten. No wonder. People are always looking for Tolkien things on the website for some reason.

Still, what a neat concept just by itself, without any references...

"Trees of Light" ...

The Star Trees...

Part tree, part Starlight

Reaching from the blackwaters deep underground

branching out into the night sky,

a silver glow emanating from the transluscent bark...
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Unfortunately, it costs $4000.00. Oh wul.

Sky Mother
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Turns out the camera I was looking for that I thought had "disappeared" was about a foot away from me (heh). So anyway, the pics of the new figurine are up and running at http://www.rialian.com/amybrown.htm.

Here's a link to the postcard version of the figurine:
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I first ran across her postcards at Hot Topic. And after a half hour of futilely trying to find a top, left instead with three postcards.

This is one of them that I particularly liked, (c) Amy Brown, http://www.amybrownart.com

Some postcard artwork has been made into figurines also. I just got one yesterday from the Walnut Tree (a local pagan store, dead link removed). As soon as I can locate my digital camera (which seems to be hiding at the moment) I'll take a picture of it.
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The new icon is "Celestial Tree" by visionary artist Robert Venosa - a larger http://www.venosa.com/catalog.html (scroll down a bit to see "The Celestial Tree".

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