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On March 23, I made this post (was private until I knew more):

He was in the hospital since that time - never came home. They performed diagnostic tests and finally came up with a diagnosis. It was definitely not heart disease, nor was it a recurrence of the mammary cancer, nor was it a lymphoma like they suspected for a while. Most of those would have been treatable to some extent. He'd developed a completely different type of cancer that had spread all over his lungs (fibrosarcoma). He never showed any symptoms at all before the initial breathing distress I described at the link above.

This type rarely occurs in the lungs - it's the kind of cancer cats were getting in the muscle and bone tissue of the leg from the 3-year rabies vaccine. Yet it could not have been from any vaccine, because I'd been very bad about being up to date on all his shots.

I'd been watching very carefully for recurrences of the mammary cancer for the past year. The mammary cancer surgery was about a year and a month ago, and all seemed to be well, but this entirely blindsided me. This had not shown up on any of the x-rays during exams. It only showed up on a very specifically targeted ultrasound that they did when they couldn't figure out what was going on.

We had him put to sleep on March 26, 2010. They brought him out of the oxygen tank wrapped in a fluffy towel and set him on Rialian's lap before giving him the shot. He was glad to see us, and he was purring. I had 11 good years with him, for which I'm very grateful.

Sithreal, my Sithreal
Sometime in 1998 - March 26, 2010
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